Engaging global

communities and

industry through education,

online and offine

  • To verify Halal integrity of consumer products through validated Halal analyses and methods that comply with ISO17025
  • To verify integrity of Halal lab testing service provider through ISO17043 Laboratory Competency Program
  • To verify integrity of QC results through Halal Certified Reference Material (CRM)
  • To verify Halal related issues through Halal Contamination Scene Investigation (CSI)


One-stop Halal,

Toyyiban and

Ethical Testing

  • Halal practitioner program
  • Halal laboratory design, set up and quality management
  • Halal analyses techniques, method development and validation
  • Halal regulatory and compliance
  • Halal application
    JAKIM, GCC Accreditation Center
    (GAC) and other Halal certification


Buy and sell on the global

halal verified B2C and B2B

lifestyle marketplace

  • Halal Product Sourcing and Selection
  • Halal Verification and Assurance
  • Halal Consumer Products, Delivery and Payment