e-Halal Clinic 2020

Malaysian Halal Certification is vital to gain Muslim trust that the product/service is meeting with Halal Standard which is compliance to Shariah law. How to obtain Halal Certification is always the main agenda to all entrepreneurs. Not only to the food manufacturer, it also applies up to other 9 schemes or categories which are acknowledge by JAKIM including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, logistics, OEM factories, consumer goods and others.


The key to Halal certification is to understand the concept that lies within it. These fundamental concepts are hard to be found if only rely on the reference materials. In many cases, people always complain on their difficulties in getting Halal certification, but in reality, they lack of information, understanding and knowledge towards getting this certification.


As part of Malaysia Bioeconomy Development Corporation Sdn Bhd, (Bioeconomy) under the Bionexus Laboratory Partner and Certified Halal Training Provider, Global Haltech will be co-organising online programme named e-Halal Clinic to whom is potential and ready to seek assistance to pursue the Malaysia Halal Certification.
Global Haltech is certified Halal Facilitator registered under Malaysia International Halal Academy (MIHA), JAKIM and has been organising various type of classes and workshops to facilitate those interested and passionate towards getting Halal certification.


In this e-Halal Clinic, participants will be exposed to the fundamentals principles and the main requirements need to be prepared before, during and after getting Halal certification. The best part is when trainers will share ‘tricks & tips’ towards getting Halal certification through their experience.


With well organized and structured learning module, Global Haltech had successfully assisted many companies in getting Halal certification. Global Haltech always prepared and ever ready in providing up-to-date information with profound experienced trainer.


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